Greenline House


There are a number of ways to save energy. One of these is Grinotex®. Sealing lips allow the external venetian blinds to close fully. This very durable external venetian blind system is extremely weatherproof. Finally, Grinotex® can be used in places where intrusion protection is required thanks to the safety locking device, which works in any position. The safety sensing edge prevents the external venetian blind being damaged when encountering obstacles. 


Grinotex Sinus®

Grinotex SinusThe familiar qualities of the Grinotex® system were adopted and complemented by the contoured shape of the louvres. The unique louvre shape sets a new standard in design. The Sinus louvres save energy efficiently by allowing up to 50% more daylight to be utilised.




AluflexAluflex® is available in two versions. Aluflex® 80 and Aluflex® 60 is suited to narrow installation situations. The low package and screen height mean that Griesser’s Aluflex® system takes up extremely little space. The filigree design harmonizes well with modern architecture, which requires solar shading systems to be integrated discreetly. In addition to header installation, we also offer two different solutions where the system is to be installed on the facade: a square version and a circular version.



Solomatic IIAluminum external venetian blinds with beaded slats with curved profile. Solomatic® is available in two versions. Solomatic® 80 (120 mm header) is for new buildings and Solomatic® 70 (100 mm header) is suited to narrow installation situations. The external venetian blind system with beaded slats is available with guide cable or guide rails. For a front mounted system a square and round Box is disponible. 


Solomatic R®

SolomaticRSolomatic R® is an external rolling venetian blind system. It is installed like a rolling shutter but features many of the functional characteristics of an external venetian blind, even light control and transparency. Solomatic R® is designed to last, thanks to the chrome nickel steel vertical connections, slats guided by diecast zinc bolts on both sides, and sealing lips rolled into the slat profile.